Away Venues

Download the 2021/22 season venue addresses and start times.

Please read

A number of clubs are facing strict cut-offs (typically 10pm) and so are emphasising the need to get going on time with at least 2 pairs.

This is particularly the case for:

Trident on Mondays (19:30 – 22:00 2 courts)

St Johns on the matches with the 19:20 start (ready to start the match at 19:30, third court available from 8pm prompt).

Sevenoaks (20:00 to 22:00 only but three courts so all 3 pairs need to be on time)

Please make sure you are prompt, if not 5 or 10 mins early, so play can commence.  Either that or just win very convincingly in the shortest amount of time !!!

Note from TWBL on league rules

The League Rules (specifically, Rule 5m) allow for only a very restricted delay to the official start time for a match – because there is a strict time limit by which the hall must be vacated, players must be ready to play within 10 minutes of the start time.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS DOES NOT MEAN SIMPLY BEING ON COURT WARMING UP – PLAYERS MUST BE READY TO PLAY THE FIRST POINT WITHIN THIS TIME.

It is regrettable, but necessary, that if either (home or away) team players are not READY TO PLAY THE FIRST POINT within 10 minutes of the start time for their match, then the other team can immediately claim 1 rubber per available court, in order to try to finish the match on time. Any rubbers which are incomplete or not started at the time the hall must be vacated will be conceded to the away team.